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Wrongfully Accused

: Ayman Zeidan
Story by : Kamar Al Zaman Alloosh
Starring : Abbas Al Noori, Geeana Eid, Zohair Ramadan, Ziyad Sa'ed
Genre : Drama
Category : Television Series
Run-Time : 30 TV-Hours

Shaker Koorani is an ordinary citizen whose life is turned upside-down when he's wrongfully accused of a crime he didn't commit! And, when Shaker is sentenced to life in prison, anger, rage and misery become the only things he sees besides the woman he hopelessly loves. He tries to prove his innocence over and over, to no avail. He breaks out of prison several times, but with no success.

When he finally gives in to the daunting reality he was forced to accept, he starts to see the big picture, and realizes that life outside the prison walls is another prison... only larger.

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