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Restless Spirits

: Shawki Majeri
Story by : Kamar Al Zaman Aloosh
Starring : Abbas Al Noori, May Skaff, Jiana Eid, Sulafa Fawakhirji
Genre : Drama
Category : Television Series
Run-Time : 25 TV-Hours

JaThe time is early 1900's. The place is the Middle East... A wealthy, aristocratic family lived and enjoyed doing well socially, as well as in business, despite all that events that took place back then. But, after the death of its head, the family finds itself at the brink of bankruptcy...Mahran Al Ash'hab now faces the danger of losing his family's heritage, as well as fortune. Daring to achieve the extraordinary, Mahran pulls all of his energy, strength and wit and begins to deal with the catastrophes the entire family is surrounded with...all while he himself is surrounded by several pretty women. This drama looks deep into the spirit of a family throughout five generations, and attempts to find answers to very difficult questions.

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