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Night Stallion

: Bassel Al Khateeb
Story by : Anwar Tamer
Starring : Ayman Zeidan, Norman As'ad, Samer Masri, Fadia Khattab
Genre : Drama
Category : Television Series
Run-Time : 25 TV-Hours

Jawad, the hunchback freak was doomed because of the way he looked at birth. And, after his mother died, the prince of the castle where Jawad was born condemns him to death, as everyone considers him bad luck for them. Ashepard snatches the baby and hands him over to a woman who had lost her own baby to raise Jawad. Souadd who was born on the same night Jawad was, is a pretty young girl adored by most men, one who's in love with a hard working man, who leaves town looking to find work.

Coming out at night because of his physical looks and the curse imposed open him, Jawad becomes infatuauted with Souadd... his suffering and love lead him nowhere... not even in his dreams. Portrayed in an mystical oriental setting, and contracting and contrasting between opposites of meanings and intentions are the focal point of this work, which was adopted from Victor Hugo's famous work The Hunchback of Notredam.

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