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Brotherly Ties

Brotherly Ties ( Part I )
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Brotherly Ties ( Part II )
Golden Award Winner at the Gulf
: Shawki AlMajeri
Story by : Hassan M. Youssef
Starring : Ayman Zeidan, Amal Arafeh,Abdul Hadi Sabbagh
Genre : Drama
Category : Television Series
Run-Time : 25 TV-Hours

Brotherly Ties Part-11 picks up where Part-1 left off... After more than 4centuries of occupation, the Ottomans finally left the region, but only after they looted every possible resource they can get their hands on, including human resources. In addition, they defaced traditions, obliterated knowledge and eradicated education, and left the Arabs in a backwardness which they instituted in people's lives. Plotting with French, British, German and other European governments, the Arabs succeeded in evicting the Turks.

In return, the Europeans pledged to help build basic infrastructures. But, history always repeats itself... and the Arabs now find themselves surrounded by a new enemy, one with more modern appearances. Struggle begins again, revolutions against the new aggressors now take a different form, with ever more sacrifices, bloodshed and death.

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