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Ashton Hills (Golden Award Winner at the Gulf Festival)

: Najdat Anzoor
Story by: Ghassan Jiba'e
Starring : Ayman Zeidan, Nadeen, Norman As'ad, Hani Al Runiani
Genre : Drama
Category : Television Series
Run-Time : 22 TV-Hours

A town is under the rule of a dictator Prince that everyone fears, even his close friends and advisors. His tyranny doesn't stop there, rather it extends to several other neighboring towns which are controlled by one of his men; governor Kaed Beik. A rebellion breaks out against the dictator and his regime which gets underway originally by the Prince's lady, whom had secretly planned and arranged the uprising.

As a result, a generation of young people who envision freedom and peace become ever more determined to overthrow the regime, that not only wants to dictate how they should live their lives, but also to control the resources of those towns, most importantly : water ! This drama looks into the coming war over water, ways it could be used for ultimate control, and how it may seriously alter people' lives.

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